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Achievement unlocked

A few moment ago, I finished writing Windows Phone Secrets. Well. Put more accurately, I finished the initial writing pass, and submitted the final complete chapter to the publisher. There’s still a lot of work to do, but the truly … Continue reading

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Sent from my Windows Phone

One of the more annoying things about the iPhone, I think, is the "Sent from my iPhone" signature that’s automatically added to every outgoing email. When the iPhone first came out, I went through a series of replacement signatures like … Continue reading

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Catching up on this week’s Windows Phone news

I’ve been in full-blown bunker mode lately trying to finish the book, and I think most people understand that. However, I still pay attention to the news every day, and a few things of interest have happened this week. So … Continue reading

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Quick progress update

Good evening… I’ve now submitted 13 of the 16 chapters, so there are three to go. I’ve had to juggle some content around, so I’ll be moving account configuration from the chapter I just submitted (Chapter 2, Unboxing and Getting … Continue reading

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Hot or not?

I’ve formalized some of point/counterpoint thoughts around Windows Phone 7 in article on the SuperSite,  Hot Or Not? Windows Phone’s Soaring Highs and Crushing Lows. Some will misconstrue this as negative, but it’s really just an attempt to accurately portray … Continue reading

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Quick update: 7 days remaining in the schedule

I just uploaded the Email chapter to the publisher, so I’ve got 10 of 16 chapters submitted. My deadline is a week away. It’s going to be close. :) The Email chapter is about 19 pages in Word, and 25 … Continue reading

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One Windows Phone feature that hasn’t gotten enough coverage yet is its pervasive and integrated voice recognition and command functionality. Based on TellMe technology (Microsoft bought the company in 2007), Windows Phone’s voice functionality lets you speak commands ("Call Steph … Continue reading

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