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Microsoft issues SSL security fix for Zune HD too

You may recall that Microsoft previously issued an SSL-based security fix for Windows Phone, some months after doing so for mainstream Windows versions. Now, that fix is available for the Zune HD as well. But don’t get too excited, Zune … Continue reading

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Microsoft shuts down Zune Originals

Tipped off by a comment in another post, I can confirm that Microsoft has indeed shut down Zune Originals, the web-based Zune HD configuration and customization service. Here’s how the site looks now: What this means, basically, is that you … Continue reading

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Microsoft is porting Zune HD apps to Windows Phone

Microsoft revealed recently that it will be porting at least some of its Zune HD apps to Windows Phone. I say “recently,” but the revelation actually occurred 10 days ago on a two-episode-old episode of the Zune Insider podcast. (This … Continue reading

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New features in Mango’s Music + Videos Hub

I was at my daughter’s softball game when I received an email alert (on my Windows Phone, naturally) that Microsoft had posted some new information about the Music + Videos hub in Windows Phone “Mango.” (This is my excuse for … Continue reading

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About Zune. Yes, Microsoft is killing it

I’ve been stating for a while now that the Zune brand is disappearing. And it is. This is something that’s been happening, slowly, for about a year so far. My guess—and this part is a guess—is that the end game … Continue reading

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Zune software updated; first Windows Phone update imminent? (No)

The Zune PC software got a mysterious and unexplained update today. It doesn’t change the version number, from what I can tell. Does this mean the first Windows Phone update is imminent? Of course, we’ve been wondering about that since … Continue reading

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How you can help improve Zune

Are you looking to convince Microsoft that it needs to add over-the-air podcast support to the Zune client in Windows Phone 7? Or international support for podcasts? Do you have any other Zune feedback, feature requests, or complaints? Unlike with … Continue reading

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