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NYT article describes Microsoft’s internal incubation efforts for Windows Phone apps

There’s an interesting article, Moonlighting Within Microsoft, in Pursuit of New Apps, in the New York Times today. The premise is that Microsoft is allowing, even encouraging, its employees to moonlight (i.e. work in their own time) on Windows Phone … Continue reading

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New Windows Phone issues? Contact tiles un-pinning and linked contacts de-linking (Update: Microsoft confirms)

In line with this blog’s previous user-based contribution to the Windows Phone community (the discovery of the infamous Windows Phone 3G data leak), I’d like to see how many of you are experiencing the following contacts-related issues, about which I’ve … Continue reading

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HTC Arrive

Sprint announced the HTC Arrive this week. You’d perhaps think that Microsoft’s Windows Phone PR team would have sent out some email announcement about this or something, but they didn’t. Which is weird, because I think this is a big … Continue reading

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Microsoft apparently pulls pre-update for Samsung users (Update: It’s true)

Well, I can see Microsoft’s first (sort of) update for Windows Phone is off to a wonderful start. In the wake of several reports of what I’m calling the “pre-update” fouling up some phones–what some people are describing as “bricking” … Continue reading

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Microsoft delivers an update for Windows Phone. No, not THAT update

Sometime in the next two weeks, Microsoft will deliver its first Windows Phone update, codenamed “NoDonuts” (or just “NoDo”). But today, Microsoft began rolling out a sort of pre-update, if you will, that updates the phone’s updating mechanism so that … Continue reading

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An American Windows Phone in Europe, part two

Last August, I wrote about my experiences using a prototype Windows Phone in Germany in An American Windows Phone in Europe. This week, my family is visiting Madrid, Spain on vacation, which explains the quiet around here lately. But it’s … Continue reading

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About Zune. Yes, Microsoft is killing it

I’ve been stating for a while now that the Zune brand is disappearing. And it is. This is something that’s been happening, slowly, for about a year so far. My guess—and this part is a guess—is that the end game … Continue reading

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