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Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools CTP refresh

Some great news from Microsoft: Microsoft today released a refresh of the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP announced at the MIX conference in March. Already, this early tools preview has attracted more than 125,000 developers and designers from countries around … Continue reading

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The Windows Phone difference

Clarity Consulting has drawn up some amazing prototypes of Windows Phone experience to show off what’s possible. Not surprisingly, they’re pretty impressive. So with the CTP tools available, we’ve been building a few apps, just to get a feel for … Continue reading

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Video: Windows Phone 7 Office hub

I linked to a You Tube version of a Microsoft video about the email, events and scheduling functionality in Windows Phone 7 yesterday, but forgot to the link to the other video, which shows off the Office hub. Here it … Continue reading

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Thinking beyond the book

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is whether it makes sense to continue this blog past the completion or publication of the book. Increasingly, I think it does. (Though some argument could be made about folding it into the … Continue reading

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Writing today

I’m going to get at least a couple of hours of writing done on the book today. Progress has been slow so far, of course, and has amounted mostly to getting chapter files ready and plugging in some basic background … Continue reading

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Video: Windows Phone email, events and scheduling

A mobile blog has reposted a Microsoft video Windows Phone Backstage to YouTube, which should make it a bit more accessible. It shows off the email, events, and scheduling functionality of the system.

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Dell Lightning

Gadget blog Engadget has leaked pictures and slides of an interesting Windows Phone coming this year from Dell called the Lightning. I wouldn’t call it the “ultimate” Windows Phone, as the hyperbolic site does, but it is nice looking certainly. … Continue reading

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