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Great Windows Phone comparison chart (Updated)

ElektricForest has published a great chart comparing all of the currently available Windows Phone handsets. (Click for high-res version) Thanks to Dmitry for the link! Update: I linked to a new version of the image with corrected Dell information.

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LastPass for Windows Phone

My favorite web password solution has just been released for Windows Phone. I’m downloading it now, but here’s the word from LastPass: LastPass is now available for download in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace! Once installed, the app allows you … Continue reading

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More new Zune HD apps and games

Thanks to Eric S. for tipping me off that Microsoft quietly released several new Zune HD apps and games to the Zune Marketplace back on December 16 (and before that as well). Like many, I didn’t even notice. But as … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas…

… is for Microsoft to fix Windows Phone.   :) But since that’s not happening anytime soon, a reader email about a related topic just triggered an interesting idea: How about someone makes some high-quality Windows Gadgets, for Windows Vista and … Continue reading

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Tips, books, and stuff

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I think the combination of the SuperSite CMS switchover, the holidays, and my other work has just caught up with me. Well, that and Microsoft’s unbelievable silence—finally broken today—over Windows Phone … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 guides for IT professionals

Microsoft has published a series of articles for IT pros interested in rolling out Windows Phone handsets in a corporate environment. Windows Phone 7 brings together the information, applications, tools, and services needed to help your workforce accomplish what they … Continue reading

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1.5 million Windows Phone sales in 6 weeks; several software updates coming over the next couple of months

Finally, Microsoft breaks the silence. Now, too, can I. I’ve published an article in WinInfo this morning, Microsoft: 1.5 Million Windows Phone Sales in First Six Weeks, that has all the information. But the pertinent info is: Unit sales. Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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