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Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 now available (and it’s free!)

Programming legend Charles Petzold has written a free, 1000-page book, Programming Windows Phone 7, which is now available for free download (PDF format). Also available, a ZIP file with all of the code samples.

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Windows Phone 7 Secrets is now shipping

I received a notice from the publisher yesterday that “Windows Phone 7 Secrets” is now shipping from Amazon, and a number of readers who had preordered the book tell me it’s on the way. Looking at the Amazon page for … Continue reading

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Microsoft speaks on micro-SD and Windows Phone storage expansion

And it’s unfortunately not very good news. According to Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel, the company does not support end users upgrading the storage in their Windows Phones with micro-SD. This is a carrier feature, and if the carrier is going to … Continue reading

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Windows Phone at PDC

As with previous Microsoft events this year–MIX, TechEd, and so on–this week’s PDC10 will have some interesting Windows Phone related content that, hopefully, will be video archived for later reference. I’m heading to Redmond now (literally; the plane has Wi-Fi) … Continue reading

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Your Samsung Focus questions, sort of answered

Sometimes getting answers out of Microsoft is like pulling teeth. This is one of those times. With regards to the RAM in the Samsung Focus, which has been alternatively reported (by Microsoft, for whatever that’s worth) as being either 256 … Continue reading

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Windows Phone and photo sharing

Windows Phone 7 provides automatic and manual photo sharing capabilities, and both are wonderful features to have on a mobile and connected device. But the way they’re both implemented is horribly flawed. This needs to be fixed. From an automatic … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update

Microsoft has shipped its first post-RTM update to the Windows Phone developer tools. This update includes two new utilities and addresses a gesture performance issue in the Bing Maps Control. The two new utilities are: Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool … Continue reading

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