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Windows Phone and the numbers that matter

You have to believe that any time the Windows Phone team decides to blog about even the most innocuous of topics these days, I’m reading very carefully and looking between the lines where possible. And it’s hard to say this … Continue reading

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Mango caught in the wild?

Now that NoDo is finally being slowly oozed out in the world, we can turn our attention to more pressing matters: The next Windows Phone update!! OK, just kidding. Actually, my intention is start discussing some more pragmatic (“pragmaticer”?) issues … Continue reading

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Good, bad, ugly

Give my increasingly strenuous and passionate pleas public and private to Microsoft, the Windows Phone team, and its PR people over the past year, I think a central message is being lost here. I see it in the curiously critical … Continue reading

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IDC: Windows Phone to beat iPhone by 2015 for number two spot

Well, this is somewhat incredible. The market researchers at IDC today revealed their expectations for smart phone market share (unit sale) changes between 2011 and 2015. And they expect Windows Phone, not the iPhone, to be the number two smart … Continue reading

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Triple Flip, the Windows Phone concept handset

SchultzeWORKS designstudio has released an intriguing concept smart phone design featuring Windows Phone 7. The research for the “Triple Flip” was driven by the notion that the static smart-phone-with-touch-screen may be reaching the limit of their usefulness. Lead designer Dave … Continue reading

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Nokia’s new typeface: Pure

Nokia has introduced a new typeface, which it vaguely confirms will be used on its Windows Phone handsets. I have to wonder if this is one of the differentiators it plans between its phones and those of the competition. But … Continue reading

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First Windows Phone update only going out to unlocked phones

Days after quietly starting the process of distributing its first real software update for Windows Phone, Microsoft has finally communicated what’s happening. Let’s just say it’s bad news packaged in the positive possible light. This week we’re sending out the … Continue reading

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