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KIN Phones to Launch Tomorrow, Pricing Revealed

I’ve got a news story up on WinInfo today about the launch of the Windows Phone-based KIN smart phones, the KIN ONE and KIN TWO. I’m a bit disappointed that they’re so expensive, but I didn’t bother to check pricing … Continue reading

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Microsoft Kin preview

I’ve written up a short preview of the Microsoft Kin phones on the SuperSite. I’m not going to chime in on the various limitations some have raised until I’ve had a chance to actually use one of the devices over … Continue reading

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KIN, the morning after. Now what?

In the days leading up to yesterday’s KIN announcement, I figured I could very easily just ignore this thing (then known as “Pink”). After all, it was going to be a feature phone, a side-product that had little if anything … Continue reading

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Microsoft KIN: Notes from the launch

Here are some (live) thoughts from the Microsoft KIN (formerly “Pink”) launch event. I’ll update this as it goes… First up, the KIN web site is live. There are two models, the KIN ONE (“Turtle”) and the KIN TWO (“Pure”), … Continue reading

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