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With first Xbox LIVE games appearing, more changes to Windows Phone Marketplace

Any day now, the first official Xbox LIVE games from Microsoft, Hexic and Flowerz, will appear in the Windows Phone Marketplace. These games are “real” Xbox LIVE titles in that they have achievements and work with the Xbox LIVE service. … Continue reading

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Create games for Windows Phone

The XNA Creator’s Club has started up a new lab series for developers who wish to create games for Windows Phone 7. Phase 1: Platform Get introduced to Windows Phone 7, and phone game development with XNA Game Studio. This … Continue reading

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Secret: Pictures hub was originally called Pictures + Camera

As you may recall, I visited Microsoft several months ago to document the then-unfinalized Windows Phone 7 system before being provided with my own device. At the time, one of the differences between the devices I used on campus and … Continue reading

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First Windows Phone ads feature HTC device

A number of mobile sites are reporting this morning on some new Windows Phone 7 ads that feature an upcoming HTC device, the Mondrian. Here they are. What a fantastic message here. Bravo, and exactly right. Also seen in this … Continue reading

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Windows Phone US launch is November 8

I mentioned on this week’s Windows Weekly podcast that the October 11 date people have been tossing around for the Windows Phone launch was incorrect. (Microsoft is holding an annual event in NYC on that day, but it’s unrelated to … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Marketplace updates and notifications

I received my first Windows Phone Marketplace notification today, which leads me to a topic that’s not covered in the book: What happens when an app you’ve downloaded and installed needs to be updated. Let’s take a look. First, as … Continue reading

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No, Virginia, there will be no tethering on Windows Phone

On last week’s Windows Weekly, Brandon Watson mentioned that tethering support in Windows Phone would be dependent on the wireless carriers. This is, unfortunately, incorrect. (Which is good for me, in a way, since I wrote in the book that … Continue reading

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