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Microsoft delivers pre-release build of Mango to developers … After RTMing the product?

So with Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” completed and sent to manufacturing, and Microsoft subsequently announcing a new build of Mango for developers, you might be forgiven for believing that Microsoft is, in fact, providing the RTM version of Mango to … Continue reading

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Changes to the App Hub developer portal

Microsoft today announced some changes to its App Hub developer portal. Additionally, it revealed that developers can begin submitting Mango apps to App Hub in August, which is likely the source of those bogus “could Mango ship in August?” rumors. … Continue reading

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New Mango developer resources

The Windows Phone Developer blog’s Larry Lieberman today offered up a great list of resources for Windows Phone “Mango”: There are a very large set of resources being created on a weekly basis for Windows Phone developers. Since I’m the … Continue reading

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About today’s release of Mango beta 2

Reading through Brandon Watson’s post this morning (described here), I misunderstood and thought that Microsoft would be releasing a “beta 2” version of Mango to developers sometime in the not-too-distant future. Actually, they’re doing so today (which he does clearly … Continue reading

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Developers to get Mango beta, developer tools Beta 2 release

Today, Microsoft announced its plans for delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” beta to developers. You may recall that last year, the company had to ship prototype phones to developers because the platform was new. This year, developers have phones … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 9 Mobile Test Drive now available

Microsoft announced today that it has made a new Test Drive site for its its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 Mobile release, part of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”. This isn’t for testing your own apps per se—you can do that with … Continue reading

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ChevronWP7 to release authorized developer unlock tool

Rafael, Chris, and Long of ChevronWP7 announced today that Microsoft has authorized them to release a low-cost developer unlock tool called ChevronWP7 Labs that will allow enthusiasts to test Windows Phone apps on real Windows Phone hardware without needing to … Continue reading

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