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Microsoft helps iPhone developers transition to Windows Phone

Today, Microsoft announced a new tool called API Mapping that helps developers migrate their iPhone applications to Windows Phone. In addition to the tool, there’s a 90+ page Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers and a multi-part video … Continue reading

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Microsoft earnings: It’s like Windows Phone doesn’t even exist

Microsoft announced the results of its fiscal third quarter last night, but the press release doesn’t mention Windows Phone at all, not even once. So I turned to the earnings report conference call transcript (which you can download in Word … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Why Windows Phone 7 has a better soft keyboard

Which I absolutely agree with, having spent the previously three years on an iPhone. But Microsoft Research has published an interesting article about why the Windows Phone virtual (or “soft”) keyboard is better than that of the competition. It’s worth … Continue reading

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Windows Phone on Verizon!

If the NoDo silliness hadn’t happened, my number one question about Windows Phone this year would have been, “When is Verizon going to start selling a Windows Phone?” The answer to that question, finally, is soon. Of course, we’ve heard … Continue reading

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AT&T completing NoDo rollout to Windows Phone users

As part of its weekly status update, the Windows Phone team revealed today that AT&T is now scheduling the “NoDo” (March 2011) Update for its remaining phone, the HTC Surround. You may recall that when AT&T started rolling out NoDo … Continue reading

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Duh, winning

Back when Windows Phone launched last fall, I was often asked how I thought the new platform would do in the market. And I would respond that Windows Phone needed to establish itself as the third most popular smart phone … Continue reading

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Microsoft finally details Windows Phone’s location data collection practices

In the wake of (largely faux) uproar over location data collection and retention in the iPhone and Android, Microsoft has finally posted information about what Windows Phone does.  Long story short: Not much, and nothing to for privacy freaks to … Continue reading

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