Fun new Xbox LIVE games come to Windows Phone

Microsoft announces today that it has released two classic games, Minesweeper and Sudoku, for Windows Phone. The games are both free, which is great. But they’re also real Xbox LIVE games too, which is even better as they bring Achievements and power ups to the mix. Sounds good to me.

Two of the most immensely popular puzzle games of all time—the PC classic Minesweeper and the newspaper staple Sudoku—just landed in Marketplace for Windows Phone. But these aren’t just any versions of the classic games. They’re official Xbox LIVE editions—so now they come with all kinds of cool powerups and achievements. Best of all? They’re both totally free.

Download Xbox LIVE Sudoku

Download Xbox LIVE Minesweeper

The goal in Minesweeper is to clear the board using flags to safely mark potential hidden mines. One wrong move and it’s game over. The new Xbox LIVE version comes with two modes—Classic and Speed—and as many as 4 different levels of difficulty each. Sudoku, the hit Japanese numbers-based logic game, challenges you to fill a 9×9 grid with the numbers 1 to 9. (But of course it’s not quite as simple as it sounds.) Play it in Classic or Lightning mode.

Update: Unfortunately, these games appear to be US-only. Sorry for the confusion.

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19 Responses to Fun new Xbox LIVE games come to Windows Phone

  1. Omega Ra says:

    awesome, downloading both right now :)

  2. mlethbridge says:

    Not sure if anybody else is having a problem downloading them? Might be a region issue as I am in Canada, and I can’t find them by searching the Marketplace, but I can get to them by following the links above.

  3. Sadly, as the announcement post has now clarified, these are only available in the US for some reason! Shame…

  4. These games are apparently US Only. Which kinda sucks for those of us that already got the shaft on every other piece of the OS. And I still like my HD7 better than android/iOS.

  5. I was really looking forward to playing a bit of Minesweeper. Really don’t understand why this can’t be a global release…

  6. What sucks is that I bought Microsoft’s “Game Chest Logic Games” which has both of these games in them. Why do they release products for free to take away from their pay products?

    • banstyle says:

      Often developers release a paid and free version of their apps. The free one usually has ads. This is no different. Just think of it as the advertised, free version of Logic Games.

  7. glonq says:

    Screwing developers by releasing free versions of games that already exist on WP7? Lame. Screwing non-US consumers by pretending that they don’t exist? Lame.

    *This is not how you improve [declining] market share*

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I suspect there’s more to this than, “let’s screw non-US customers.” But until/unless they explain this, it’s hard to say.

      • glonq says:

        If they need to localize Minesweeper into French before releasing in Canada, I can help. “Bomb” is “Le bomb”. I can help for Sudoku too: the digits 1 through 9 look the same in French.

        You’re welcome.

  8. Thanks for the heads up! Got them both after reading this yesterday. woohoo… bathroom time will never be the same again. Until the next free game.

  9. It’s a shame Microsoft does not understand the concept of full disclosure, they sell to a world wide market, when they market stuff they need to remember to tell people in which markets free things are available. Not just take the initial Kudos for giving something away. The resulting bad publicity is more damaging than the initial good. hey basically need to learn how to talk to their customers, rather than try to wow them!

  10. rgc6789 says:


    I bought my first Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) about a week ago and also bought one for my mother. It was her first smartphone and her comment to me after her first day was “this is pretty easy to use”.

    One of the marketing ideas Microsoft should try is to give away an Xbox Live Gold Subscription for a year with each Windows Phone 7 purchased. That’s a huge market they have and I think many Xbox 360 users would give the phone a chance with an offer like that.

  11. jasonfer says:

    Microsoft has released the minsweeper application in all markets now. I also wish that they would get thier act together and make this work across all markets. I know their are licensing issues but if their all in on windows phone they need to put the money out there to make those deals happen. The product needs to work equally in all markets.

  12. ScubaDog2008 says:

    So, what happened to the site? The Supersite for Windows is being updated regularly, but I’m really surprised nothing is happening over here. =(

  13. kitomaer says:

    regional issues…. wp7 has a cool bing search with local – not for me
    wp7 has bing navigation – not for me
    many cool free apps – not for me
    and now it feels like minesweeper and sudoku are forbidden by penalty in europe.

    not amused

  14. Hal says:

    We have minesweeper in europe now, but for some reason no Sudoku.

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