First Windows Phone "Mango" Handset Unveiled

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications on Tuesday announced what it says will be the first handset based on Windows Phone “Mango,” the next generation Windows Phone OS that Microsoft finalized this week. And in keeping with the next generation theme, this device, the IS12T, is a monster, with a dual core processor, a 13.2 megapixel camera, 512 MB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a waterproof design.


Fujitsu Toshiba says the IS12T will ship in “September or beyond,” in Japan, and if this is truly the first shipping Mango device, it’s safe to assume that other devices will begin appearing other markets, including the US, later that month or in the months following.

The device appears to be based on the Fujitsu Regza T-01C, an Android-based handset with nearly identical specs. It features a 3.7-inch LED screen, a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor, dual radios with both CDMA and GSM support, GPS, six-axis motion sensing, Wi-Fi B/G/N, and Bluetooth. The case is waterproof and dust resistant, and there is a micro-USB expansion port.

The IS12T will ship in multiple colors too, including yellow, pink, and black. However, it will only be made available in Japan.

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12 Responses to First Windows Phone "Mango" Handset Unveiled

  1. If you watched the presentation they showed a slide of the transition from WinMo 6.5 to Win Phone 7.5. Looks like confirmation of the WP 7.5 branding for Mango…

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      See, I’ve been told that all along too. But after being burned on the schedule, I’m obviously not as certain with this guy’s information.

  2. KennyB123 says:

    I thought it was the same processor as the HTC Thunderbolt, which is a single-core 1ghz processor, but utilyzing a better GPU and better battery life. Rumor is it may get clocked to 1.2 ghz.

  3. lsobrado says:

    I really want to see a dual core wp7 device. the OS is heavily optimized for a multi-threaded UI and input model but it is still one core drivng the experience. This causes apps to be less responsive than they could if it had a true second core for simultaneous execution.

  4. Gary Russo says:

    Looks nice but there’s no front facing camera. I believe the only Mango phones slated to have front facing cameras are the Samsung and the Nokia Sea Ray.

  5. adp says:

    the press conference blasted Windows Phone 7.5 all over their presentation. I’m guessing 7.5 is the official version number for Mango?

  6. markuslaff says:

    Waterproof?! Whoa… I want that.

    Also, kudos to Toshiba for making a device uses hard edges and colors to compliment the OS.

  7. glonq says:

    Sexy. I wish more manufacturers sold their phones in multiple colors.

  8. lrist says:

    Saw that Samsung? Not necessary to copy apple to create cool devices.

  9. angelusinsomnus says:

    I hope the rest of us get those gray and yellow UI theme colors.

  10. Shane Nokes says:

    The builds are branded as 7.10.xxxx like the RTM being 7.10.7720.

    The OS itself though is referred to as 7.5 as the final name for it.

  11. 123keith says:

    Shouldn’t this phone have more RAM?

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