A preview of coming Windows Phone handsets

Zunited—which is a great name, by the way, has published a nice overview of the next-generation, Mango-based Windows Phone handsets that we expect to see in the market by the end of 2011. As the blog notes, some of these may be legit, some not, but it’s a pretty comprehensive list given the lack of official information so far.

Profiled phones include the Nokia “Sea Ray,” HTC “Ruby,” “Bresson,” “Eternity,” and a fourth mystery device, the LG “Fantasy,” a Samsung next-gen handset, a Fujitsu next-gen phone, the Acer “W4,” and a ZTE next-gen handset.

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5 Responses to A preview of coming Windows Phone handsets

  1. Thomas says:

    Please tell me that at least one good phone will be coming to verizon.. emphasis on GOOD

  2. Joel Rollins says:

    You’re talking about Verizon now. Maybe by June next year…

  3. Do we if the Nokia will be coming out for sprint or verizon?

  4. Thank you for linking to Zunited (and complimenting the name!). “The Pes,” who wrote the article, is a tremendous talent and we’re glad to have him on board.

    Now, I, personally, am looking forward to the Samsung device. I love(d) the Focus and can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeve.

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